Your Body Wants To Heal Itself

Have you ever seen a plant flourish under the right circumstances? It’s big and leafy, and vibrant. It yields abundant fruit or flowers. That’s what our bodies want to do. They want to grow and produce fruit and heal itself when damaged. But we need to nourish it, physically and mentally.

We need to nourish with plenty of water, whole foods packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. We need to nourish it with sparing amounts of lean meats that provide fertilizers in the form of nitrogen, protein and amino acids.

These are the building blocks for healthy body tissues. For healthy nerves, connective tissues, skin tissues, collagen, bones, muscles….etc.

And we need to nourish it with gentle, pleasurable exercise like going for a walk in the park and listening to the children play and laugh. Focus on the goodness, the beauty, the pleasure that life has made available to us. We just need to allow ourselves to accept it and take it in.

We also need to nourish our minds with loving thoughts and appreciations for ourselves and our bodies. I know A LOT about drugs, pills, medicine…and I know they have their limits. That is why I’m writing this article, we need to cooperate with the pills.

Ask yourself are you benefiting in any way from being sick? If so remove that benefit so that your subconscious mind keeps you healthy instead of sick. I’ve heard people say, I can’t get better cuz then I’ll lose… disability income, the attention I get from my children, I won’t be able to visit my gorgeous doctor. Lol.

The wisest thing I ever heard and medically uneducated personal say was, guilt causes punishment. Those words were briefly spoken by Louise l. Hay. I’m not even sure she realized the impact those words can have on the medical community. But they are powerful in my opinion.

I believe those are powerful words because if she is right then maybe when we have guilt in our subconscious from treating people wrong or from being scolded incorrectly by our parents we can potentially manifest idiopathic diseases and/or hold onto old injuries and diseases that never heal.

What is an idiopathic disease? It’s a disease that the medical professionals cannot figure out and we feel like idiots trying to explain it to our patients. It’s kind of like and anti-miracle. It just happens. We don’t know why it just does.

We know miracles and antimiracles occur. Both are possible.

I have studied Louise L. Hay’s work and as a university-trained Doctor of Pharmacy I have to say her teachings are your best hope for creating a health miracle for yourself.

Let me encourage you to listen to her free videos on youtube.

To summarizer her philosophy she believes you need to love yourself. Forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Forgive the people who have harmed you, especially your parents. We are all doing the best we can under the circumstances. Everyone has been harmed and damaged by life. We need to love and nurture ourselves and others.

She also believes that what you think about, concentrate on, and focus on…that is what expands in your life. It’s like looking through a telescope. You zone in on what you want or your life and you draw it in and then it expands, multiplies grows.

So if you want to be healthy, energetic, have great energy and stamina, look great, feel great you have to marinate your mind in stuff like that. Can I highly recommend you subscribe to my blog and twitter account? Lol. That is the goal of my life, that is what I am sharing with my readers.

Start creating your health miracle today, right now, by loving yourself, forgiving yourself, treating yourself good and with respect, using kind, loving words to describe yourself, feeding yourself nourishing foods and beverages, giving yourself gentle pleasurable exercise.

Your body wants to heal itself. Allow it to. Give it the right environment. Think of a beautiful plant that has been trampled on and damaged. Think of it under a skylight in a cool house with just the right amount of water and fertilizer. Think about what it is going to look like in just a few weeks or months. Meditate on that, replicate that in your life. I’m sending you my love. Xoxo.

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