Why Doesn’t The World Know About This Non-prescription Drug?

Why Doesn’t The World Know About This Non-prescription Drug?

There is a NON-prescription drug so amazing it can keep you out of the ER (It’s NOT benadry). Why doesn’t the world know about it?

This drug is called chlorhexidine and it is an antibacterial soap. It costs about 5 dollars for a 4-ounce bottle that can last for years if used it sparingly. It’s available as a generic and name brand and can be purchased at any drug store.

And what would you use it for? Superficial open skin infections. It’s like miracle grow for the skin. If you have a skin infection that is just festering and slowly getting worse every day, this drug can turn things around and get it healed in record time. The disclaimer is that if the skin infection continues to get worse even with the use of this soap or the skin infection is getting worse fast, get to the ER asap. It could be that you have the flesh-eating bacteria. Scary I know. But you don’t want to take chances with those bugs because they are fast and aggressive. But if the infection is a slowly progressing and superficial infection, this soap can prevent it from getting worse and allow it to heal.

So how do you use this soap? Put about a tablespoon in about 1 gallon of warm water and make a soak for a hand or foot. If you have a sore on another part of your body, say your knee or genital area (private and embarrassing), then put about a 1/4 cup in a small bath of warm water and soak. This could eliminate a very embarrassing trip to the ER.

This soap is so amazing we use it in the hospital for lots of reasons; as a skin cleanser before open-heart surgeries, before the placement of catheters into the skin, and in patients who are on a ventilator in the ICU unit. In these patients, bacteria can travel down the airway tube into the lungs and cause pneumonia. They found when the mouth was washed with an oral form of this soap the rate of pneumonia goes down.

Outside of the hospital, this drug is commonly used for mouth and gum infections in the form of a prescription mouth wash. Dentists usually prescribe it for gingivitis. (I even use it to gargle with when I have a soar throat. But that is a non-approved use and one of my drug secrets. Shhhh, don’t tell.)

It is important to realize that this product should never replace antibiotic pills. If the skin infection is deep, it can irritate the wound and make it worse. Also, never use in the eyes, it can cause damage. And, never use it if you don’t need it. That is true for any antibiotic because the bacteria can become resistant to it.

The good news is that it’s safe and according to the Hibiclens package insert it has been extensively used for over 20 years outside the United States has produced no evidence of absorption of the compound through intact skin. The potential for producing skin reactions is extremely low…..

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