There Is Nothing More Important In Life Than Relationships…

There Is Nothing More Important In Life Than Relationships…

Some people call me an enlightened being, but I’m not. I just simply kept a journal for a large part of my life. I wrote down my thoughts and feeling relative to what was happening around me. I was extremely honest with my feelings and always said exactly how I felt to my journal. I didn’t have to sugar coat them like I sometimes do around people to protect them from my negatives thoughts.

That lead me to realize that there is nothing more important in life than relationships; my relationship with my mother, father, sister, husband, children, nieces and nephews, coworkers, and strangers in need of help and encouragement.

I have discovered that it is healthy relationships that make me feel warm and fuzzy and good about myself and what I am doing.

Health is the second most important thing in life….in my opinion. Good health is necessary for good energy, and our energy is what fuels our relationship. It’s the energy we put into making a meal for our family and friends. It’s our energy that organizes and puts together parties and celebrations. Also when we are feeling bad, we are grumpy and less likely to forgive and let go. When we feel good we laugh, and laughter is the glue between two people. If you share laughter, nothing can tear you apart.

Money is the third most important thing in my opinion. We need money to take care of ourselves and other people in or lives. I have been blessed with money and I have realized that spending it on my family and friends is more valuable than any possession I could own. The acquisition of material things for one’s self has a fleeting thrill only lasting days or weeks. I have seen people who use the money for only themselves and they sabotage and damage their relationship by making other people feel bad.

Making people feel good about themselves is another glue I use in a relationship. But I never flatter. People always know when you are flattering them for the purpose of manipulation. It always backfires.

I try not to let anything damage my healthy relationships. One time my cleaning lady was taking a really long time to clean the house and I wanted to use my kitchen. I became angry and wanted to tell her to speed things up….but I didn’t. Instead, I spent quite a time doing something relaxing and reminding myself that it took years to build the trust and love that we share. I didn’t want to ruin it in an instant over something trivial.

My relationships are truly my most valuable possession and I am a happy person as a result.

(Disclaimer: someone once told me that it is always the person with money that says money doesn’t matter, and it’s the person with the beauty that says beauty doesn’t matter. I feel like there is some truth to that, but let me reassure you that after you acquire both, they are meaningless. I don’t want you to go through life trying to acquire money and beauty only to say, “this is meaningless, why didn’t anyone tell me.” I’m telling you now, go straight for the relationships, and don’t worry about the rest. Xoxo) POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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