There Is No Beta-carotene In Cheetos (even Though They Are Orange):Confessions Of A Junk Food Junkie

Confessions Of A Junk Food Junkie

Yes, it was heartbreaking to find this out about Cheetos.  For a while, I thought all orange foods had beta-carotene in them.  Apparently not.  I have come along way since then.  My transformation from a junk food junkie to a mega healthy and fit goddess didn’t occur overnight. It actually occurred over 9 months when I got knocked-up (Forgive me for trying to keep this normally preachy and boring subject, light and funny.)

When I found out the news of my condition I was told no caffeine, no lattes, no artificial sweeteners, no diet cokes, and no wine.  Geez, how am I going to live and escape reality with that list? Well, the thought of having a baby with birth defects ruined my appetite, and amazingly I was able to abstain from all my previous bad habits.  Then in addition to that, I got gestational diabetes….at a time when I had just discovered $1.00 soft serve ice cream cones at McDonald’s. They were heavenly after 3 months of constant nausea vomiting. I needed to make up for the lost time and as far as I was concerned I was allowed to eat anything I wanted because I was pregnant and pregnant with twins for that matter.  Twin boys! Can you believe it?  I went around the maternity ward asking the other women how many babies they were having.  “Only one?” I would reply smugly.  “Oh, I’m having two.”

When I got pregnancy-associated diabetes I had to go through “nutritional counseling” That’s when I found out about Cheetos. And if that wasn’t shocking enough they said I could only eat 7 grapes in one sitting.  How can that be?  They are supposed to be healthy.  Why can’t I continue to eat the whole bag?  Turns out they have a lot of sugar that would disrupt the delicate, slow, steady growth of my babies.  Once again, the thought of unhealthy babies curbed my appetite. I learned how to eat “low glycemic” to keep my blood sugars constant and stable.

It wasn’t even until the 9 months were over that I realize what a blessing the whole transformation was. All the pre-pregnancy aches and pains that I had lived with for so long were gone. I could walk in my stilettos all day and before that, I was eyeing the orthopedic shoes. “They’re not so bad,” I said holding up a 10-pound rubber and leather shoe with what looked like a 100-mile tread warranty on its soul.

My hair was shiny and vibrant, my eyes were no longer puffy, swollen, and red. Even the annoying rash on my chest was gone. I could wear strappy little tank tops. My skin was now clear and glowing.  Maybe some of it was left-over pregnancy hormones but that didn’t account for it all. I was completely slender. My muffin top was gone despite having twins. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, I didn’t get any stretch marks. I don’t know how that happened, it wasn’t like the babies were small. They were 6 pounds 4 ounces and 5pounds 13 ounces. Of course, I am tall and have lots of room in my belly( 5’8″….6ft in high heels)They were so healthy they went home when I went home. This new diet was nothing but goodness.

A lot of people who saw me after I had the babies said, “Wow, you look great!”  My initial thought was “don’t remind me, I had to give up a lot to look like this.” But soon I got used to the new me and I figured out how to sustain this clean and healthy lifestyle. I found ways to deal with moments of weakness when I wanted to devour a whole liter of diet coke. I could take a long, hot bath with lavender scented Epson salt instead.

I could go for a walk or put on some fun music videos from youtube and dance along to take my mind off of food when I was bored and not really hungry.  I discovered soft, chewy, minty gum to enjoy after a healthy meal so I didn’t gorge on dessert.

I discovered essential oils to relax with instead of drinking the whole bottle of wine. There is so much goodness in life that didn’t rob me of my beauty and health little by little the way junk food had.

Slowly my taste buds came to life and I craved healthy, fresh whole foods. I no longer wanted diet cokes. They reminded me of dirty, disgusting water. And the pink packets of artificial sweetener nauseated me.

I was so happy I wanted to share this good news with everyone. So one day when I stumbled across an article that diabetes could be cured in as little as 1 week with proper diet and exercise I showed it to one of my favorite people at work. An older lady with bad health. My excitement was soon tempered as she said in so many words…I’d rather die a premature death than live that way. I don’t want to deny myself any pleasure while enduring excruciating and sometimes pain exercise routines. The only happiness I have in life is food. Don’t take that away from me.

Reality began to sink in. Ophra had gained weight and I think she said she would never go back to her old lifestyle of diet and exercise. Maybe she just wanted to be happy and left alone? Did I hear her wrong?

My heart ached and bleed for these people. I wanted to do what I could to help them. I am a brilliant Dr of Pharmacy(according to my mother), but in reality, I am just an average pharmacist who really cares. I didn’t graduate top of my class from a prestigious school……but I wrote a book anyway. It’s called You Can Do It; AntiAging Pills, Potions, and Drugs. It tells the reader how to reverse the hands of time and slow the aging process as much as possible. The book is based on medical studies and trials on dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, over the counter drugs, and prescription drugs.

There is so much out there to help and encourage people to start on the road to a healthier lifestyle. I want the world to know. Please retweet or pass this blog link on to someone who has given up and stays tuned for my next blog entitled Diet Pills You Can Live On  (ginger, glucomanan, and green tea. The more you take them, the healthier you get.) 

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