The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Explained

The Hydroxychloroquine Controversy Explained

Some people say that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) does not work to treat the COVID-19 virus; other people say that it does. Both parties have PubMed/peer-reviewed articles, case studies, observational studies, and other scientific proof to support their personal beliefs.

The question is, who is right. Does HCQ work or not? This controversy will not go away until we answer this question satisfactorily. Let me suggest that both parties are right and HCQ does, and doesNOT work depending on the situation.

Let me suggest that there are two types of antivirals. Those that are time-sensitive and must be started within 24-36 hours of the onset of flu-like symptoms.

The second type of antiviral medication is NOT time-sensitive. It can be started at any time during viral infections. Take for example HIV/AIDS drugs. In the case of HIV/AIDS drugs, those products can be used and started at any time before or after viral exposure.

Is it possible that HCQ is a time-sensitive antiviral? Is it possible that it is very similar to Tamiflu wherein must be started with 24-36 hrs of the onset of the flu, otherwise it does NOT work so well? Yeah, drugs to treat the flu are not 100% effective. They work best when started early. They are time-sensitive antivirals.

It is my opinion that we must use all the tools in our toolbox to fight the COVID-19 virus. We must use the time-sensitive antivirals and the non-time-sensitive antivirals. Winter is coming and our situation will go from bad to worse unless we open our minds to possible solutions.

We must use the time-sensitive regimen in the outpatient (at home) setting to stop the spread of COVID, and we must use the NON-time sensitive regimen in the hospital setting for advanced stages of Covid-19.

To limit ourselves to one regimen or the other would be to perpetuate the social isolation, the downward financial spiral that many people are experiencing, and then rapidly rising rate of suicides. It is imperative that we open our minds to solve this problem and let go of limiting views.

Many people use QTC prolongation as an excuse not to use HCQ. Lemme explain what that is. QTC is a measurement of electricity as it flows through the heart. As the heart muscle starts to weaken the electricity begins to slow and the QTC interval on an EKG can be seen getting longer. (The EKG is a visual of the electricity flowing through the various areas of the heart muscle.)

QTC prolongation is usually a gradual process that can predict certain doom, the spasming, and eventual stopping of the heart. As a hospital pharmacist, I’m very familiar with this process. I watch the EKG’s of our patients and how the drugs are affecting their heart. I watch how the decline in a patient’s health causes the doctors to prescribe drugs to control infection, nausea, vomiting, and agitation. With certain drugs (ondansetron/quinolones/haloperidol) I can see the QTC prolongation getting longer and longer. It usually starts with a number around 400, and gradually reaches 500 which is the danger zone. That number usually indicates fatigue in the heart and fatigue in the body as a result of fighting an illness.

If we use HCQ, we must use it early and when we are still healthy enough to endure the side effects.

This information has been censored and banned from getting out. I hope and pray that I am allowed to voice my opinion and express my freedom of speech. My intentions are only to help us all survive through this pandemic so that we can successfully live this life that was given to us. Life is precious. I know it is not easy, but it’s worth it.

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