Newly Discovered Tainted Dietary Supplements For Weight Loss

I like keeping everyone updated and safe so I subscribe to a website called Tainted Products Sold as Dietary Supplements Update for U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

There is new information recently released.


MyNicKnaxs, LLC., located in Florida is announcing a recall of Magic Slim, Fruta Bio, SlimEasy, Super Fat Burning Bomb, Slim Xtreme, Meizi Evolution, Meizitang Strong Version Botanical Slimming, Jianfeijindan Activity Girl, and Japan Hokkaido Cangye Pharmacy Co., LTD Japanese Chinese Formula pill for weight reduction because these products contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients: Phenolphthalein, sibutramine or a combination of both. At this time no illnesses or injuries have been reported to MyKnicKnaxs, LLC., in connection with these products.
I must say that this is not a new or rare occurrence. A lot of dietary supplements actually have prescription drugs illegally in them. Poison controls are full of case reports like this involving injuries. Fortunately in this case there have been NO injuries. But if something were to go wrong it would most likely be a hemorrhagic stroke. That’s when a blood vessel bursts in your brain and blood cannot get to the individual brain cells and the brain dies. This kind of stroke is very deadly and painful. At the hospital, I work at women in her 50’s came in with an excruciating headache. She was screaming in agony. The only medication she was on was a diet pill. Turns out she had a hemorrhagic stroke. I’m not sure what happened to her after that. If she was lucky she would be partially paralyzed or unable to speak. But she may have died as a result.
But despite this bad news, I think that SOME weight loss products are good because they help people get rid of their diabetes and lower blood pressure. Stay tuned for a series of blogs where I will pick out a very safe and effective weight loss products based on the medical literature. I’ll post the studies that were done and the results. Just keep in mind, I am not affiliated with any products or manufactures. I am not a salesman. I hate it when people think I’m selling stuff. It happens all the time because people can’t figure out why I would just offer information out of the goodness of my heart….but I do. I’m selling myself as a drug expert, not any particular drug product.
Please be careful and safe.

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