How COVID Has Changed Me

How COVID Has Changed Me

The social changes and the pandemic has caused me to look at what are the most important things in life; people, helping each other, taking care of each other, the simple things in life, the things that money cannot buy.

Yup, the COVID-19 situation has changed me. It has made me appreciate life and people. It has made me realize that life is a gift and all people are precious. When people are gone due to the Covid-19 virus, we cannot get them back. Every person in every country is precious. Every person of every color is precious.

The COVID situation has also caused me to think of my own mortality. I could die from this virus. Working at the hospital I  overheard the doctors say…” It’s in the air. There is nothing we can do to get away from it. These masks are a desperate attempt to stop the virus, but there are no guarantees.”

Also, during rounds, the doctors say, “we need to stabilize these patients and get them out of here as soon as possible so that they can finish recovering at home. Anyone who stays here long enough is going to get “IT.” They were referring to the patients who were not yet diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus. These patients were in the hospital for random health issues like blood clots or exacerbations of a pre-existing disease.

Back in the spring those words resonated with me and I knew the situation was serious. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died, and when the cool weather comes in the wintertime, it’s only going to get worse.

Working in the hospital a have seen a lot of healthy, vibrant people come to terms with life and death. Death is real to me. I am now living my life as if the people around me could be taken away at any moment. I read the news articles about people who have lost family members, I see and feel their emotional pain. I know that I am not exempt from this happening in my life.

I am reminded of the song “Live Like You Are Dying” by Tim McGraw. I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter

If I were to die tomorrow, what would be my biggest regret? It would be not sharing my knowledge and insights with the people around me.

We are all living, learning, loving, and teaching. For my children, I have written a book about all my life lessons learned thus far so that they have the opportunity to learn these life lessons the easy way, and not the hard way as I had. But I’m also passing on my health knowledge and insights.

If we want to make it through this COVID-19 pandemic we are going to have fortified and strengthened our health as much as possible. I’m making every effort to teach people what I know. I’m making videos and writing a health book. It’s called Investing in Your Health: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Choosing Natural Products.

I see fortifying our immune system and finding vibrant health is like opening up a combination safe full of energy, great mood, looking and feeling good, and being resistant to infections. The combination code involves 10 areas of health that fall out of alignment over the passage of time. What are these 10 areas? And what are the natural products and dosages to restore these 10 areas? The answer is different for each person because it is based on our genetics and lifestyle. This book will help you find your combination code to vibrant health. Stay tuned for the book. I am starting my count down. I am doing everything I can to get this book out in the next 60 days, before winter sets in.

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