Forever Young Hall of Fame: Louise Hay

Don’t tell me our youth is running out, it’s only just begun. Look at Louise Hay. At 90 years old she has a full, exciting and prosperous life. Listening to her talk is so refreshing. She’s got the optimistic, playful attitude of a teenager.


What’s her secret to ageing well? She has none. She has told the world everything she’s doing to stay young and it starts with her state of mind. She was a metaphysical teacher and she spent the latter part of her life teaching others how to heal from illness with the powers of their mind and a healthy holistic approach.


She herself overcame cancer. Her daily routine involves counting her blessings, gentle fun exercises, and whole foods. She’s always giving thanks for the goodness around her. She practices self-love and forgiveness. She looks forward to the futures and expects good things to happen in her life. She says that what we focus on expands, and therefore she always focuses on goodness.


She is in the hall of fame for her successful lifestyle, amazing health, energy, and enthusiasm for life. She’s also fashionable, beautiful and busy-very busy. She’s one of the most influential women in the world. I doubt she’s sitting around knitting.


My personal philosophy for ageing well: Stay fashionable, playful, and kind. Louise Hay definitely has accomplished all that and she’s still going strong at age 90. I’m expecting her to break limiting beliefs barriers regarding ageing.


She says we are always the right age for what life has to show us. All ages are good and have value.


I love you, Louise. I’m sending you my love. Xoxo.

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