Experience Your Best Year Ever in 2020

Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep riding it or you will fall down. And by riding it, I mean you have to keep peddling and moving to stay upright, just like in life you have to keep waking up in the morning and doing the activities of daily living. Once you stop doing that, everything in life declines. Your house becomes a mess, your relationships disintegrate, your health is no longer at it’s best, and you eventually run out of money.


But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Sometimes NOT peddling your bike is more like NOT being involved in your life. NOT attending family functions, NOT going to work, or going to work and NOT attending meetings, not interacting with coworkers.


Happiness and success in life happen easily and naturally when we are involved. If you show up, connect with people, do what is right and good, honour your commitments then we are rewarded. We are rewarded with personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. We are rewarded with a paycheck, with meaningful friendships, with improved health and with a better more optimistic outlook on life,


If we keep peddling and riding our bike toward our goals and vision for a good life… then success is a natural byproduct. Happiness and success in life are not effortless. You do have to put some energy into it, much like riding a bike. But happiness and success don’t have to be a struggle or a difficult obstacle if you go with the flow and stay on the bike trail.


I challenge everyone to get involved, wake up and live and be in the moment.

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