Diet Pills Without A Prescription That Can Make You Healthier Then Ever

Diet Pills Without A Prescription That Can Make You Healthier Then Ever

Diet Pills

In a previous blog, you might recall me saying that a feel bad for people who have given up on trying to lose weight and be healthy, but there are pills to help and encourage them. This blog is about those pills.

There are so many, where shall I start.  I’ll divide them into two categories.  Those requiring a prescription and those that do not require a prescription. The pills that do not require prescriptions can be divided again into two groups- those you can live on and those that should be used for the least amount of time possible. And the reasons vary as to why you want to get off of them asap. The number one reason in my opinion is because they are not tested for contaminants and you never know for sure what is in them. If you read my blog the downside of vitamins, you’ll discover all the things that can go wrong. It’s scary. People developed hepatitis, kidney failure, cancers, some even died from the contaminants alone. Most of the contaminated products come from Asia and India they are herbal concoctions. However, there was one product from Brazil that had amphetamines in it and a guy tested positive for it at his job. That could ruin a person’s life so fast. You might never be able to shake the suspicion that would fall upon you.


Side effects like an increase in blood pressure. Bitter Orange is the new ephedra or speed-like diet pill. People on ephedra have also had strokes and that is one reason why it was taken off the market. So far there have been no serious problems with bitter orange. But monitor yourself for side effects and get off asap if you develop any side effects.

The diet pills I think are the safest are ginger, green tea, calcium, arginine, and glucomannan. They are so safe that the more you take them, the healthier you get.


It curbs that unpleasant sensation in your stomach that makes you want to eat. It can help you to go longer between meals.  Instead of having to eat every 2 hours, you can extend it to every 3 or 4 hours. I keep a bottle of ginger capsules in my purse and when I can’t stop working to eat, I take a ginger cap, and then I’m good to go for another hour or two. It buys me time until my next meal.


It increases growth hormone release from the pituitary, and over time it decreases body fat and increases muscle mass. We use IV arginine in the hospital in slow-growing children to diagnose them with dwarfism. Arginine causes a release of growth hormone into the bloodstream and after the arginine infusion, we measure the blood levels of growth hormone. If they have no growth hormone release then they are diagnosed with dwarfism.

There is even a study of it being used to increase the stature of little boys, and it worked.  The deal-breaker for most people who want to take arginine is it can cause severe and frequent outbreaks of herpes zosters, shingles, genital herpes, cold sores, fever blisters…stuff like that. So maybe that’s why it’s not as popular as it could be. I take arginine and I love it! I think I’ll write a blog about it because it is soOoOoO fabulous.

Then there is glucomanan which is a super fiber that fills you up and stabilizes your blood sugar so it’s not going up and down like a rollercoaster. Actually, any fiber supplement can help you lose weight especially if you take it before meals with a full glass of water.

In the next blog, I will talk about diet pills that your doctor can prescribe. I will mention pills you can live on and pills that your insurance will pay for. Stay tuned. But before I go, I just want to say it’s not so bad being a little bit chubby. I think your face looks plumper and younger with a little bit extra weight on, and there is a study that says the death rate of people who are a little bit chubby is lower than those who are the perfect weight. The people with the highest death rate were underweight and obese people. Stay tuned for another blog about this study.  Also, if you dress properly you can look fabulous despite being chubby.

Below is a chart on the diet pill that can be purchased with a prescription. If you want to find the best quality product look on this website because many products are really not what they say they are and this site actually tests them.


Stimulants Increase Satiety Modulate Carbohydrate Metabolism Modulate Fat Synthesis or    Oxidation Slow or Block
Bitter orange Guar gum Chromium l-carnitine Chitosan Calcium
Caffeine Glucomannan Ginseng Garcinia (hydroxycitric acid; HCA) White bean Green coffee extract
Fastin (brand) Lipozene (brand) Green tea extract  Arginine
Guarana Blond psyllium Conjugated linoleic acid  Ginger
Yerba mate Pyruvate
Raspberry ketone

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