Detoxing from Chemical Disruptors (They can sabotage your health and energy)


Toxins sabotage our health, so keeping the liver and kidney healthy so that they can help us to detoxify is essential. Our bodies have four methods by which to remove toxins: the liver; the kidneys; the intestines; and skin, hair, and nails. Toxins are called enzyme disruptors and hormonal disruptors. They disrupt the biochemistry in our bodies and sabotage optimal health and energy production. What does heavy metal poisoning look like so that people can recognize if it occurs?

I explain everything I know in my book Investing In Your Health: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Choosing Natural Products (click here to find it on Amazon).

It is my belief that there is no single product that will yield overall good health for everyone. Natural products yield good health by correcting a problem or an imbalance.

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