Correcting The Excessive Oxidative States With Antioxidants Before Damage Sets In

What is an antioxidant? Imagine hydrogen peroxide poured onto an open wound. The liquid forms bubbles as it consumes dead or infected flesh. The right amount cleans up the wound. But if the hydrogen peroxide solution is too strong and excessive, damage to healthy tissue also takes place. Our bodies normally make the perfect amount of natural hydrogen peroxide to keep our tissues clean. However, too much or too little of this natural hydrogen peroxide is not good for us. Studies have shown that in healthy individuals, antioxidant use can have negative effects, but in certain disease states, especially diabetes, antioxidants can improve health.

I explain everything I know in my book Investing In Your Health: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Choosing Natural Products (click here to find it on Amazon).

It is my belief that there is no single product that will yield overall good health for everyone. Natural products yield good health by correcting a problem or an imbalance.

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