We are empowering people with Health Knowledge. We are giving people the tools to solve their health problems. We are teaching them about medicinal diets, natural medicines, healthy lifestyles and prescription drugs to ask their doctors about. We are teaching them how to read their medical chart and which questions to ask their doctors and nurses so that they get the best care possible.

We are teaching about medicinal diets. There are established diets to treat heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. Researchers are now discovering more medicinal diets to treat and CURE autoimmune diseases such as MS, Hashimoto’s disease, and Crohn’s.

We are teaching people about vitamins, minerals, and natural supplements. People should be eating vitamins first in the form of whole foods. But after the age of 50, people start manifesting insidious vitamin deficiencies regardless of a healthy diet.

There are also genetic and biochemical defects that contribute to vitamin deficiencies. For example, 60-70 per cent of people with sickle cell anaemia have a deficiency in zinc. Zinc is necessary for a healthy immune system. Does the general public know who is at risk of vitamin deficiencies so that they can supplement and restore their health? No, instead they just live with these subclinical vitamin deficiencies that manifest as frequent cold, cases of flu, low energy, and changes to the skin.

We are also teaching people about prescription drugs that are available to help their specific conditions. People should be well aware of the pros and cons of taking the drug so that they can make wise choices.

We are making guided meditations that simulate many of these drugs, especially the longevity drugs. Yes, you can ask your body to relax or do whatever you want it to do. You can ask your body to secrete certain hormones to heal and restore your health. You can ask your body to make certain changes. The more specific these requests are, the better the results will be.

We are even going a step further teaching people how to read their medical charts and understand their lab values and test results. We think they should be taught what questions to ask their doctors and nurses so that they can ensure they get the best possible care while in the hospital.

Our quest for finding optimal health is like a journey. We are all at various stages.  Some people are just starting this journey, while others have been living a healthy lifestyle for a while. We aspire to meet people where they are at in this journey and assist them on their quest for perfect health. 

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