A Secret for Success

A secret for success

A message to my current self on achieving success

There are many secrets to success. I would like to offer up one that I discovered and it replays often in my head. Many times I wake up in the morning and I want to go back to sleep. I want to call in sick to work. I want to cancel the event I’m supposed to attend, or I want to skip the gathering taking place. Then I tell myself—

Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep riding it or you will fall down. And by riding it, I mean you have to keep peddling and moving to stay upright, just like in life you have to keep waking up in the morning and doing the activities of daily living. Once you stop doing that, everything in life declines. Your house becomes a mess, your relationships disintegrate, your health is no longer at it’s best, and you eventually run out of money.

But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Sometimes NOT peddling your bike is more like NOT being involved in your life. NOT attending family functions, NOT going to work, or going to work and NOT attending meetings, not interacting with coworkers.

Happiness and success in life happen easily and naturally when we are involved. If you show up, connect with people, do what is right and good, honor your commitments then you are rewarded. You are rewarded with personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. You are rewarded with a paycheck, with meaningful friendships, with improved health, and with a better more optimistic outlook on life.

If you keep peddling and riding your bike toward your goals and vision for a good life… then success and happiness is a natural byproduct.

Setting goals is such a rewarding part of life. Being aimless is like a ship on the ocean-going nowhere; just sailing on the water. Decide where you want to go and point your sails in that direction. The alternative is aimless wondering.

Besides, it feels good to be growing and evolving over time. It feels good to be accumulating experiences, knowledge, success. If feels good to be adding new people to my life and new accomplishments to my resume. It feels good to get strong and healthier as time passes.

I set goals in 6 areas of my life because I want the whole package. I want all the goodness that life has to offer. These are the areas in which I set my goals: health, finances, career, spirituality, mental, relationship.

Just like my favorite line in my favorite movie, Meet Joe Black—Anthony Hopkins says at the end of his life, “I have done it all. There is nothing more that I want from life.” And then he dies in peace with no regrets knowing that he lived the best life he could. He experienced all that was available to him here on earth. He was ready to die. I want to plan my life for an ending like that.

Happiness and success in life are not effortless. You do have to put some energy into it, much like riding a bike. But happiness and success don’t have to be a struggle or a difficult obstacle if you go with the flow and stay on the bike trail. And when I say stay on the bike trail, I mean do what is right and what is good. That is the easiest, most drama-free, stress-free route.

So don’t call in sick, don’t go back to bed. Instead wake up and live and be in the moment. Be involved.

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